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Prince George's County Geothermal Property Tax Credit

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Prince George's County Maryland

To encourage the use of clean, renewable energy, Prince George's County, Maryland is offering a property tax credit to residential units that are equipped with solar and geothermal energy conservation devices. The tax credit is equal to 50% of the cost of the system, up to $5,000 for heating and cooling systems, and up to $1,500 for water heating systems.

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Sec. 10-235.06.
Energy Conservation Real Property Tax Credit.

(a) In accordance with the provisions of Section 9-203 of the Tax-Property Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland, there is a tax credit against the property tax imposed on real property on a residential structure that utilizes a solar energy or geothermal energy device.

(b) For the purposes of this section, the following terms have the meanings:

(1) “Solar Energy Device” means an energy conservation device that:

(i) uses solar energy to heat or cool a structure, to generate electricity to be used in the structure, or provide hot water for use in the structure; and

(ii) meets national safety and performance standards set by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for that kind of device.

(2) “Geothermal Energy Device” means an energy conserving device that:

(i) uses geothermal energy to heat or cool a structure or to provide hot water for use in the structure; and

(ii) meets national safety and performance standards set by a nationally recognized testing laboratory for that kind of device.

(3) “Eligible Costs” means those that are incurred:

(i) within the 12 months before the initial application for the credit; and

(ii) for the solar energy or geothermal energy device, including any parts, component, or accessory equipment necessary to operate the device, and reasonable costs associated with installing the device.

(c) The tax credit under this section is the lesser of

(1) 50% of eligible costs; or

(2) $5,000 for a heating system or $1,500 for a hot water supply system.

(d) During the fiscal year, the total of all tax credits granted under this section shall not exceed $250,000.  Tax credits shall be granted in the order in which the Office of Finance receives the complete application under subsection (f) of the section.  If a complete application granted would cause the limit set in this subsection to be exceeded, the tax credit shall be granted in the next fiscal year or years and in the order received. 

(e) The amount of the tax credit applied in any tax year may not exceed the amount of the County property tax imposed on the property in that tax year.  Any amount of the credit not taken in the tax year in which the application was granted may be carried over for an additional two years.

(f) Application for the tax credit established herein shall be made under oath on an application provided by the Director of Finance.  The application shall provide a legal description of the property, proof of a properly installed solar energy or geothermal energy device, and such other information or documentation as the Director may require to determine whether the applicant can qualify for the tax credit.

(g) The Director of Finance shall determine the eligibility of the taxpayer for the tax credit and notify the State Department of Assessments and Taxation that a taxpayer has been approved for the property tax credit and the assessed value of the premises. 

(h) The Director of Finance shall provide an annual report to the County Council on the energy conservation real property tax credit on or before December 31st of each year for the previous fiscal year, which will show the location by Councilmanic District and include the following:

(1) the number of applications received;

(2) the number of applications denied;

(3) the amount of tax credits approved; and

(4) the amount of tax credits carried over.

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