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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Technology

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are the evolution in technology changing lives across the globe. Curtailing home energy bills through effective geothermal systems rather than the traditional electric heat pumps is the perfect solution to saving a penny on your A/C systems this fall.

The primary reason for improved functionality is the use of ground sources to facilitate the exchange of energy (heat) using naturally available resources. The Earth acts as a massive energy storage insulator unaffected by the changing surface temperatures. Maintaining a constant temperature range of 7°C – 24°C the natural heat of the earth presents the perfect solution for energy efficient heating systems in your home this fall.

Constructed on the lines of underground pipes, the process of transferring the refrigerant through underground coils compresses air to expedite heating and expands it for the purpose of cooling. The temperature of the earth enhances the performance of the heat pump allowing the geothermal system to reach efficiency levels of 300-600% on freezing winter nights. Conventional air source systems can only reach up to a maximum potential of 250% on chilly winter nights.

While electricity is used for the operation of a geothermal system, it utilizes considerably 25% to 50% less energy than your conventional heating and cooling systems, reducing emissions and energy consumption by approximately 44%. Proper maintenance and efficient installation of geothermal HVAC’s can lead to better control of temperature and humidity within the confines of your home.

Some incentives can defray costs of purchase and installation such as the use of renewable resources for effective use of geothermal energy. The use of environmentally friendly systems can last up to 25 years which helps recover your investment costs through energy bill savings over 5 to 10 years.

Preventive maintenance for your systems, at regular intervals, helps enhance the functionality of your machine, providing proper conservation and longevity of your systems. Qualified technicians not only supports the systematic running of your machine but also helps you save an extra buck on energy bills or worse- repair and replacement bills.

Upkeep of your HVAC’s can contribute to improving the quality of life, providing fresher and more natural air in the premises of your home. The high quality of air reduces allergies and helps those with asthma to breathe better and live healthier.

Everything aside, geothermal HVAC’s are the most cost effective, environmentally significant systems that have a prime feature of extremely quiet and non-intrusive functioning. The systems are clean, safe and non- hazardous. Lasting over 15 years as compared to regular heating furnaces they are an effective investment with the positive return on investment lasting extended periods. So, invest in a geothermal HVAC this fall and gift yourself a fuller and happier pocket.

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